When did Nigeria become a curse?

It's understandable when prayers are said against the generational curse, foundational curse even inherited curse or family curse as Africans we are, but now Nigeria curse ….opinion.. It beats when someone testifies that a generational curse of not traveling out has been broken, like staying in Nigeria is now a curse. Back in the days of slave trade people were ashamed to say they have families abroad because they are simply slaves but now everybody is glad their family stays abroad, in fact, it’s not the gladness that beats but the pride used in exaggerating the statement as if abroad is one step away from heaven whereas we have the resources to develop ours even better.


Dreams have now been fashioned abroad and people who don’t dream of traveling abroad are “failures”. Abroad is abroad, so Cotonou and Togo can’t be less, but surprisingly they make it. Nigerians in Diaspora are close to Nigerians in Nigeria in number. Why? The government has the answer. I fear that Nigerians abroad will one day be more populous than Nigerians at home, leading to a more decreased economy. ciannamichell 

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