5 Common Misconceptions About Igbos,True/False ?

Igbo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. In Nigeria, Igbo people have carved a niche for themselves as entrepreneurs. This is why many believe the Igbos have a strong threshold on the economy of the country.


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In recent times, there have been developed many misconceptions about the Igbo people that may not really be true. Hence, we got the compiled list of 5 of the most popular ones and we expect our teeming readers to decide if these misconceptions are indeed very rampant in our society.

1. Igbos don’t marry other tribes: There is the belief among many people that no matter how in-love an Igbo man/woman is with a person from another Nigerian tribe, he/she can not marry him/her.

Many have tied the reasons for this as a result of the Igbos insistence to maintain its culture, name, and language.

Is this true?


2. Igbo people from Mbaise and Nnewi are naturally wicked: There are many negative impressions about Igbo people from Mbaise in Imo state and Nnewi in Anambra state.

A lot of people believe everyone from both towns is naturally wicked and selfish. Are you in the same school of thought?

3. Igbos love money: This one is probably, the most common one. The first thing an average Nigerian can tell you about an Igbo person is that he loves money and most of them would do anything just to get rich.

Do you also think we love money?

4. Igbos are stingy: Some people are of the belief that most Igbos are stingy. That an Igbo man would rather die than give someone money. It is widely believed that an Igboman would rather starve than spend money on good food.

Could this be true?

5. Igbos Prefer Business to Education: There is a popular belief that Igbos don’t value education and mostly prefer business and money. The practice of sending young boys to big cities to go and learn a trade under a kinsman has heightened this belief.

What do you think????

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